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0005778GNUnetwebpagepublic2019-06-26 18:26
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Summary0005778: Double hyphen should be non-breaking
(depending on the browser’s window size)
things like in section 7.8:
[…] path containing GNUnet with --with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet and the […]
create this:
[…] path containing GNUnet with -
-with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet and the […]
Additional InformationPossible solution:
any “--” in a <code> section could be e.g.:
[…] with ‑-with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet […]

or in a LaTeX source (did not test!):
[…] with "~-with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet […]
[…] with \hbox{-}-with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet […]
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2019-06-26 18:26

reporter   ~0014599

corrected possible solution (hopefully bypassing the HTML interpreter):
[…] with «ampersand»«hashsign»8209«semicolon»-with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet […]
[…] with «ampersand»«hashsign»8209«semicolon»-with-gnunet=/path/to/gnunet […]

(this comment was created because Mantis interprets the solution as HTML code)

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