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0005686Talerwallet (WebExtension)public2024-02-11 11:41
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Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Versionpost-1.0 
Summary0005686: Wallet feature request: silent payments.
DescriptionI am proposing that wallets should let customers to "silently" pay IF the merchant is trusted AND IF the amount is not more than X.

"Silently" means that the wallet accepts the contract WITHOUT showing anything to the user. And obviously, it is the customer itself that configures the trusted merchant and the amount threshold.

This helps for Web sites where the user may buy multiple times in one day, or even one session: like paid blog/news articles, photos shops, audio effects shops, and possibly more examples. It is just more practical to NOT manually accept 10-20 contracts a day, but just 'silently' pay.

This makes also up for Taler's impossibility of implementing recurring payments; in the end, one does recurring payments to NOT repeat the payment experience every time they take something from somewhere. This goes even a bit further: it saves the customer from going through the payment experience AND saves the user from paying for what they did NOT take.

Say for example you pay 10 euro / month for that news site, but only read 1 article for that particular month: waste of money. With this feature in place, you pay only for what you get.


Christian Grothoff

2019-04-20 15:04

manager   ~0014319

This is definitively a post 1.0-feature.

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