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0005644GNUnettransport servicepublic2021-12-31 09:32
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Product Version0.11.0 
Target Version1.0.0 
Summary0005644: Transport service spams warnings
DescriptionI'm getting my log files filled with almost exact duplicates of unactionable warnings:

Mar 13 09:20:49-997116 transport-27937 WARNING Calculated flow delay for UDPv6 at 3025 ms for 2YQA
Mar 13 09:20:50-006651 transport-27937 WARNING Calculated flow delay for UDPv6 at 3015 ms for 2YQA
Mar 13 09:20:50-018709 transport-27937 WARNING Calculated flow delay for UDPv6 at 3003 ms for 2YQA
Mar 13 09:20:50-019859 transport-27937 WARNING It took us 61 s to send 176/176 bytes to WEGY (1, tcp)
Mar 13 09:20:50-020478 transport-27937 WARNING It took us 61 s to send 176/0 bytes to WEGY (-1, tcp)
Mar 13 09:20:50-021069 transport-27937 WARNING It took us 61 s to send 32872/0 bytes to WEGY (-1, tcp)

There's a section in FAQ that says it's no big deal. So those are INFOs at best, maybe even DEBUG.
Steps To ReproduceRun a node with tcp and/or udp transport plugins.


related to 0005710 confirmed TNG meta issue 



2019-03-14 02:22

developer   ~0014193

Last edited: 2019-03-14 02:23

What's the issue here? In other words, what do you think is wrong from your perspective, why, and what would be the fix/improvement you'd like to see.


2019-03-14 07:57

reporter   ~0014195

Service logs are flooded with unimportant messages and I can't turn them off using another log level - without losing less frequent but potentially more important messages.

This makes following logs more difficult than necessary to monitor. Additionally this puts pressure on disk and network IO, storage and processing resources.
This is wrong because it gives no benefit over the "yes, we have latency issues until TNG comes" message in FAQ.

I would like to demote those two kinds of messages to DEBUG level unless there is another way to resolve this.


2019-03-14 08:08

reporter   ~0014196

It may be well worth going through all the messages and reviewing their level. I think anything above WARNING should be an actionable message and ERRORs really should not be ignored by node operators.

GTK is notorious for having useless "warnings" spam, let's not follow that lead.

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