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0005616GNUnetdocumentationpublic2019-04-03 16:55
Reporternikita Assigned Tonikita  
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Target Version0.11.1Fixed in Version0.11.1 
Summary0005616: build system integration for doc folder does not work as intended
  * --disable-documentation does not build doc/handbook
  * --disable-documentation does install doc/man/man1 + doc/man/man5
  * if --disable-documentation and --enable-texi2mdoc-generation are both true,
     texi2mdoc rule (inside doc/handbook and doc/tutorial) builds an output of
     the texi files and puts them in doc/man/man7/

  * --disable-documentation implies not installing doc/man/*
  * effects on texi2mdoc: does not build at all if --disable-documentation
     is passed to configure (confirmed.)

this was observed doing tests with my local branch of pkgsrc-wip package for gnunet
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2019-02-28 11:54

developer   ~0014101

This can be resolved by untangling the new structure in doc and the makefiles in there, as well as their include/exclude statements for conditional variables.


2019-04-01 14:46

developer   ~0014246

* --disable-documentation implies not installing doc/man/*
  * effects on texi2mdoc: does not build at all if --disable-documentation
     is passed to configure (confirmed.)

I have looked at this again. It works as intended. The problem here is that I need to be more specific.
If someone does not want to build documentation, do I want this statement to mean "okay, I do not build and install any category of documentation at all" or do I want it to mean "okay, I do not build and install the texinfo kind documentation category but install the rest"?
Before moving to texinfo we have (although in private) discussed the importance of documentation available offline. --enable-documentation is the default. distributors can override this.
I think the best choice would be a more fine grained "--enable-man" as another option which then only gives you the manpages and optionally the generated mdoc pages.


2019-04-01 15:06

developer   ~0014247

I'm testing my --enable-include-manpages now.


2019-04-01 21:57

developer   ~0014256

texi2mdoc now generates output again after a long bikeshed painting session.
previous commits fixed the other items of this ticket.

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