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0005575GNUnetwebpagepublic2019-07-28 16:27
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Summary0005575: Proposal: Add a section for "News" on the front page of new site
DescriptionThe website is looking good, but the front page is setup to always show the same content. This is good - we _should_ show some information that will always be there: an easy to access download button, the summary of the project, a link to documentation.

That said, adding some dynamic content in the form of a "news area" would be a great way to keep visitors informed about the activity within the project.

I'm including a _very simple_ mock-up of how I imagine it could look, on a desktop screen. For mobile, I think we could just make the news area go underneath the top summary.

For populating this news area, it would be nice if it was auto generated as part of the website build process, any time new pages are added to a designated /news directory.
Additional InformationDon't assign this to roadmaps. Thanks.
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related to 0005522 assigned new website: improve / fix "/news" system 



2019-02-16 00:51


news-section-mockup.png (157,141 bytes)
news-section-mockup.png (157,141 bytes)


2019-02-16 00:55

developer   ~0013808

slightly related: 0005522 .. more in detail comment follows tomorrow. Good idea.

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-16 14:47

manager   ~0013818

In principle that looks fine, as long as the result is responsive and doesn't require wide screens ;-)


2019-02-20 19:28

developer   ~0013914

I can think of a couple of ways to solve this, I will look into them while working on the rss.
We probably don't want to turn the website into a flask+jinja2 application? (so that I can exclude one solution if this is not desired)

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-20 23:49

manager   ~0013916

Right, we want a completely statically generated page, including the RSS.


2019-02-20 23:54

developer   ~0013917

unrelated, have you read my email about the required Apache changes? Not that people start filing bugs on being broken..


2019-02-20 23:55

developer   ~0013918

the output is now in /rendered/


2019-03-04 11:49

developer   ~0014144

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Is it okay when I operate under the defacto assumption that news will never be translated and therefore need no gettext interaction? This will make things *much* easier.

Christian Grothoff

2019-03-05 13:59

manager   ~0014145

Yes, that's a good assumption. If we really ever translate a news item, I would just post that one translation under a different language.


2019-06-24 19:53

developer   ~0014583

I have dropped this assignment. I know I'm capable to solve this, but I haven't worked on this in a while (code exist but needs a merge with default branch and is nowhere close to being done). If someone wants to pick this up, go ahead.
The only challenge is that we are a bit different than most jinja2 websites.

If no one has picked it up by the time I get free time for this, I'll continue.


2019-07-01 12:34

developer   ~0014631

update: because I'm really annoyed by the current news presentation, I'm working on it, but not so fast. It's in the dev/ng0/newssystem branch.

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