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0005570GNUnetwebpagepublic2019-02-28 11:17
ReporterschanzenAssigned Tong0 
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Summary0005570: Change/remove link hover css
DescriptionThe mouseover effect on the webpage is problematic.

1. The red on white is not exactly gentle on the eyes and we do not know how people with green/red problems see this
2. Mouseover does not work on touchscreens so in general we should avoid mouseover effects

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2019-02-15 16:32

developer   ~0013793

I think removing is the easiest solution for now.
At best, hover effects are:
- a side effect of the generic framework (bootstrap) we are using which I personally don't like
- a "novelty item" for people who care about hover colors


2019-02-15 16:35

developer   ~0013794

Resolved by commenting the css for now and leaving a comment why this was commented.

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