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0005539GNUnetGNSpublic2019-02-28 11:17
Reporterschanzen Assigned Toschanzen  
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Target Version0.11.0Fixed in Version0.11.0 
Summary0005539: No memrchr in macOS, FTBFS
DescriptionFTBFS on macOS.
I thought this compiled before, but after some googling I saw a few issued where memrchr is implemented specifically for macOS.
See also:

Hence, we either need to implement our own like here

or not use memrchr.
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2019-02-04 14:40

administrator   ~0013589

Actually, we already have an implementation inside gns/gnunet-service-gns_resolver.c
This should be moved up into, I guess, platform.h?

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-04 22:04

manager   ~0013599

We have plibc.h and winproc.h for W32-stuff. Maybe create an osxproc.h, #include that from platform.h. In the osxproc.h, #define memrchr to GN_memrchr_ and declare a GN_memrchr_ prototype, then add implementation to util/osxproc.c. At least that would seem like the sanest approach to me right now...


2019-02-05 06:50

administrator   ~0013600

Ok. But you also add a memrchr in case of Windows in gns_resolver.c:
#if (defined WINDOWS) || (defined DARWIN)

 So I guess it needs to go in someplace more generic?


2019-02-05 08:53

administrator   ~0013601

Fixed in 395be9a8fb85d172dcbb06826aed8b5b29ceeac2

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