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0005527GNUnetotherpublic2019-02-21 09:55
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Summary0005527: Concerns with MantisBT
DescriptionMantis lacks the ability for users to notify other users by calling their name, or easily move around issues. One must go through an elaborate combination of buttons and drop-down menus in order to organize.

I find this counter-productive compared to many of the post-modern issue trackers, such as Github's, Gitlab's, Gog's/Gitea's, JIRA, for example.
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Christian Grothoff

2019-01-28 05:58

manager   ~0013491

You're aware that we are running a very old version of Mantis still, right?


2019-01-28 22:53

developer   ~0013508

I actually was not aware of this, because the copyright at the bottom is updated, I assumed we were running a modern version.

I went ahead and tried out the demo of the latest release running at, and the layout styling has improved some, but the functionality appears to be very similar to the version we are running.

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-16 15:03

manager   ~0013819

Fixed as Mantis was upgraded. The GitLab CI experiment can proceed independently of this issue, and if that is running by the GNUnet Hacker Meeting we can have an informed discussion about switching...


2019-02-20 01:32

developer   ~0013890

This is not "fixed", in my opinion. Neither of the issues I bring up are addressed by the update.

> Mantis lacks the ability for users to notify other users by calling their name, or easily move around issues.

This feature has not been added to Mantis.

> One must go through an elaborate combination of buttons and drop-down menus in order to organize.
This has been improved, but for an arbitrary example, selecting the "Category" on a ticket requires scrolling through a (long) drop-down list of categories, as opposed to being able to begin typing the category name and have the list filtered in real time. This type of interface "improvement" is now commonplace in many issue trackers.


2019-02-20 08:57

administrator   ~0013892

The issue reporting flow is very old school and enterprisey (the irony is that enterprises all make the switch to gitlab which has a more cleaned up interface).
It prompts you with an unnecessary flurry of options when reporting an issue and it is unclear which ones to set and why.
Personally, I am a fan of simplistic issue trackers and opening a Mantis issue always leaves me with a feeling of "did not properly fill it in" or "omg this takes too long".

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-20 09:16

manager   ~0013893

Well, this is the *GNUnet* bugtracker. Sounds to me like you are filing the bug with the wrong project: has its own bug tracker. I mean, you are not expecting me to stop working on GNUnet and hacking on Mantis now, right? The experimental setup for Gitlab is presumably on the way, so that is also not _this_ bug. So please file bugs here that actually relate to the GNUnet code, and bugs on Mantisbt that relate to the Mantis bug tracker. I am sure the Mantis developers would appreciate qualified feedback.


2019-02-20 17:40

developer   ~0013907

Last edited: 2019-02-20 17:40

My point in filing and commenting on this ticket, and tickets like this, is to document our infrastructure concerns, so that when we make choices, we can point to the "why" we made the choice we did.

Christian Grothoff

2019-02-21 09:55

manager   ~0013919

But your points are wrong:
* Mantis lacks the ability for users to notify other users by calling their name,
  => There is a list of users to "notify" and a field where you can add a name and press "add".
   "calling" makes no sense to me, this is not a voice application. Typing their name into a bug note
  is brittle, if you make a typo, you may think you notified the user but did not. Also it is not clear
  to me that this is desirable.
* or easily move around issues.
  => Not sure how you want to 'move' issues, but there is a 'move' button to move issues to
   other projects, and you can 'edit' the category to move to another category, and you can
   edit the target version to move on the roadmap.

One must go through an elaborate combination of buttons and drop-down menus in order to organize.

  => "elaborate" indeed. All on the bug's edit page, IMO very easy to find.

So the core points the bug report mentions are all not quite right, or a matter of taste. Have you tried bugzilla?

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