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0005468GNUnetutil librarypublic2018-11-04 13:01
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Summary0005468: Util testcase fails when run in parallel to gnunet instance
Descriptiontest_os_start_process fails when having a gnunet instance with default config running at the same time.
Steps To ReproduceRun util tests.
Additional InformationLog of test:

Nov 02 16:11:12-813064 util-service-10772 WARNING `bind' failed for `/tmp//gnunet-system-runtime//gnunet-service-resolver.sock': address already in use
Nov 02 16:11:12-813175 resolver-10772 ERROR `bind' failed at service.c:1288 with error: Address already in use
Nov 02 16:11:12-813198 resolver-10772 ERROR Could not bind to any of the ports I was supposed to, refusing to run!
FAIL test_os_start_process (exit status: 141)
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