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Summary0005410: OpenID Connect redirect_uris must actually be URIs
DescriptionIn OpenID Connect / OAuth2 the "redirect_uri" parameter must be a valid URI (

Currently, in reclaim, it is simply a label in GNS, which means it _cannot_ be a URI due to character restrictions.
For reclaim, the labels are looked up in the identity namespace represented by the "client_id".
There, the _actual_ redirect_uri registered by the client can be found.

A solution might be to use an actual redirect_uri and internally convert it to a label, e.g. by hashing and then encoding it.
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2018-08-06 14:38

administrator   ~0013180

The URI parameter must now be registered under the label "+" with a record of type of "RECLAIM_OIDC_REDIRECT".
When a redirect_uri is given by a client ID "PKEY", reclaim will resolve +.PKEY (type=RECLAIM_OIDC_REDIRECT) and verify that the given redirect URI matches one or more redirect URIs found in the records.

Setting a redirect URI in a local namespace essentially "registers" (in OIDC terms) a redirect URI for the client.

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