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Summary0005141: documentation meta-issue
DescriptionThis gathers all remaining documentation-specific issues, leading up to a documentation in a state that can be considered okay.
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parent of 0005138 closednikita decide on the minimal required Texinfo version 
parent of 0005146 closednikita documentation: include stylesheet for HTML conversion 
parent of 0005152 closednikita create a vocabulary section or chapter we can link to 
parent of 0005176 closednikita reach out to make it easier to understand the Manual 
parent of 0005249 closednikita disabling build of documentation is not possible 



2017-10-28 22:52

developer   ~0012521

A little progress update:

In the "doc/documentation" branch, the chapter contained in doc/documentation/chapters/philosophy.texi is considered to be 100% fixed from export.
All that is left in this chapter is some additional links, a final review on content and structure, and that's it.

The other chapters are slowly progressing. I'm not happy with the other chapters as they are now, but it's still mostly about fixing the initial exports (from Drupal).

I've arrived at the point where I can correct and add new details, so I'm getting pretty close to being able to manage the Reference Manual and planing additional chapters and features.

The GNUNet C Tutorial needs some final tweaks and additions, and a check on what can be merged into the GNUnet Reference Manual (or just linked to it as a "further reading" link). I know it is intended as a complete Tutorial, but for example it 'feels' wrong to me to have the section "Installing GNUnet" in there. Instead it should point to the Reference Manual where all possible ways to install GNUnet will be explained.
Code snippets need to be adjusted (again) to match the GNU C Standard we use, to be consistent with the Manual.


2017-10-28 22:54

developer   ~0012522

Furthermore I have started to add some Documentation Guidelines, and I'm reviewing other Documentations to see what can be done in the future for our Documentation.

Right now this is in the doc/documentation/README.txt org-file, I'll move it into a new Chapter or Section "Contributing to this Manual" once I'm getting there.


2017-10-28 22:58

developer   ~0012523

For now, please add Documentation additions to the 'doc/documentation' branch. The commits can be incomplete (ie: broken builds) and you don't need to know much about Texinfo (though I'd prefer if people would read the Texinfo Documentation as I have reached some level of knowledge in Texinfo but some problems here are still subject to experimentation with the right solution).
This is why I stopped using the master branch for now, to not interrupt the (supposedly, ideally) stable master branch and peoples workflow in it.

Christian Grothoff

2018-06-28 10:39

manager   ~0013101

doc/documentation branch seems very inactive, we've continued at the GNUnet hacker meeting on master. We should delete the doc/documentation/ branch to avoid confusion.


2018-06-28 11:53

developer   ~0013102

It was never really active because you told me a long time ago to just work on master.
deletion is okay.

Christian Grothoff

2018-10-21 13:36

manager   ~0013285

Then please delete it.


2018-10-21 18:32

developer   ~0013286

I deleted it a long time ago.


2018-10-30 19:12

developer   ~0013301

I'm not happy with this meta issue being open blocking me from marking another issue as obsolete. I'm going to split this. There are other, new issues with the documentation, but there will always be issues to work on.


2018-10-30 19:16

developer   ~0013302

obsolete, but not finished. please use individual issues.

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