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0004962Talerauditorpublic2018-04-15 20:34
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Summary0004962: generate financial report from audit DB
DescriptionThe main auditor tool checks signatures and generates a report about "bad" things. We should probably have a separate tool to generate a business report about the financial situation of the exchange. The auditor does (largely?) store the required information nicely in the database, we just need to extract and layout it.
Additional InformationSee in particular (for now):

* select_historic_denom_revenue() - coin expiration profits
* get_denomination_summary() - current overall balance from fees and risk exposure
* select_historic_losses() - for emergency (0003887) losses
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Christian Grothoff

2017-10-20 22:54

manager   ~0012498

Basic scripting logic for TeX template / JSON-instantiation exists.

What is now needed:
1) Auditor report (JSON output) needs to be made nicer, in particular better summaries (sum up misc. fields), add time range, add name of auditor & exchange, etc. So that the JSON provides more data for a nice report.

2) TeX template needs to be improved, in particular handling of very large tables, and just the general format/output (and actually reporting everything that could be in an auditor's report).

Christian Grothoff

2017-11-06 19:14

manager   ~0012570

As of cc09fbb..45c443f, the TeX template should nicely render all reports the auditor may generate, and the auditor was modified to include totals for summaries as required.

Naturally, was we progress on 0004958 further updates to the templating will be required, but the basic report rendering logic is now there and complete.

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