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0004548GNUnetARM servicepublic2019-02-28 11:17
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Target Version0.11.0Fixed in Version0.11.0 
Summary0004548: UX: Rename SYSTEM_ONLY and USER_ONLY
DescriptionThis distinction in system services and user services is neat, but
indeed not many people still have multi-user mainframes running...
let's be honest and admit that...


... is a perfectly valid configuration. What's the problem with
that? Well it looks completely schizophrenic! I suggest we simply
do s/_ONLY/_SERVICES/g; Maybe also the "system" terminus is inexact
and we should speak of PEER_SERVICES instead...
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2016-05-31 22:34

manager   ~0010826

_SERVICE (in singular) is more accurate since it's a per-service setting, not a list
or something like this:


Christian Grothoff

2016-06-01 19:10

manager   ~0010835

How about being even more explicit:



2016-06-01 21:27

developer   ~0010837

Agree with CG.

tg, you are confusing with the USER_SERVICE per-service setting, but I find RUN_PER_USER a better name for that, too.

So we could make both changes.


2016-06-09 13:40

developer   ~0010880

Last edited: 2016-06-09 13:40

I stand corrected. Now that I actually tried the configuration mentioned in this bug report I found it does not work. gnunet-arm bails out with an assertion that checks just for that. The only way to configure gnunet to run in "unified" mode is by *leaving both settings to NO*. So should we want to change the names of the configuration strings we also need to tweak the logic in gnunet-arm. Right now I'm undecided what's better.

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