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0003795GNUnetNSE servicepublic2019-02-14 10:45
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Target Version0.12.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0003795: NSE should change proof-of-work hash algorithm.
DescriptionGiven the widespread adoption of lite- and dogecoin scrypt ASIC miners, it would be trivial to forge nse PoW. At 22 bits even a discarded junk-miner could generate several PoW per second.
Additional InformationPossible replacements could be:
- X11 cpu-only hash
- Our own set of hashes/crypto, to avoid those used by coins at all, since sooner or later ASICs will appear for them.
Naive example: H = sha256(aes_twofish(kdf(scrypt(nonce)), nonce))
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