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0003725GNUnetdatastore servicepublic2017-03-19 22:40
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Summary0003725: Push quota logic into datastore plugins.
DescriptionI think we should push quota logic down into the datastore plugins. That way each plugin can implement a quota system that makes sense for the specifics of the backend. This would get rid of the duc callback and the estimate_size api function and replace them with api functions for handling reserve requests. This would also get rid of the silly GNUNET_DATASTORE_ENTRY_OVERHEAD, or at least make it more accurate. Please discuss.
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Christian Grothoff

2015-03-26 19:09

manager   ~0009052

I don't have specifically strong feelings about this either way. I agree with you that such a change may avoid some "inaccuracies" and won't do terrible things to the API either, but OTOH the advantage doesn't seem so strong that I'd think it had to be done. The current solution was chosen to avoid having each plugin deal with the quota, and it seemed "good enough". But the reasoning was really to just keep the plugins simpler/smaller (many plugins, one service), and that obviously comes at a cost here. So if someone wants to improve the logic to make quotas more precise, I would have no problems with that.

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