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0003481GNUnetDHT servicepublic2018-06-07 00:51
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Summary0003481: DHT monitor should allow dropping / ignoring of requests
DescriptionIn the P2P course, it was discussed (for Scribe) that a feature for the monitor to drop an observed request (force it not to be routed further or stored) can be desirable. This could *also* be used to simulate malicious peers. While the result would not be strictly a 'monitor' anymore, clearly the monitor API would be the right place to do this. For example, the callback could simply indicate to 'continue forwarding' or 'drop/ignore' by return value.

A main change in the service would of course be that we'd now have to wait for 'all' monitors to give us that return value via IPC before continuing to process a request. However, as we usually might not have a monitor, this might be cheap. We might also want to allow monitors to register only for certain block types to keep the cost down even more.
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has duplicate 0003509 confirmedSree Harsha Totakura Monitoring API should enable dropping DHT messages 


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