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0003419gnunet-gtkgnunet-conversation-gtkpublic2018-06-07 00:28
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Summary0003419: we need icons for various phone states
DescriptionIdeally we need the icons in SVG and in 16x16, 22x22, 24x24 and 32x32 png resolutions -- and from some kind of uniform design. The states are:

# gnunet-conversation-gtk-tray-call-incoming -- our phone is ringing
# gnunet-conversation-gtk-tray-available -- online, waiting for calls
# gnunet-conversation-offline -- phone is offline (no ego, error)
# gnunet-conversation-call-active -- we are on the phone
# gnunet-conversation-call-on-hold -- we are on hold
# gnunet-conversation-gtk-tray-call-pending -- resolving target
# gnunet-conversation-gtk-tray-call-ringing -- target phone is ringing

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Christian Grothoff

2014-06-02 19:25

manager   ~0008380

Amatus suggests that we might be able to find some in existing SIP software:


2014-06-03 10:40

reporter   ~0008385

I did (very quickly) made some icons.

They are in the pixmaps directory.

Didn't edited the makefile yet, so they won't be installed.


Christian Grothoff

2014-06-03 15:45

manager   ~0008390

Hark, I think you forgot to commit the images.


2017-09-27 11:35

developer   ~0012443

Because Hark didn't add the images (or this was forgotten to be closed?), I've looked at the Freedesktop icon set Adwaita.
All fancy icons in SIP software aside, this would give us an external developed icon set, which we could depend on to be used, or (as far as most systems work:) simply only have an recommended iconset.

Doesn't have to be Adwaita, I still have to take some time to go through all the icons and check for the ones we need.

I don't know anything about our MS Windows builds, or platforms other than GNU/Linux.


2017-09-27 11:37

developer   ~0012445

If you really want SIP specific icons, Ring and Jitsi have usable icons. My preference is one of the large iconset covering all sizes.

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