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0003359gnunet-gtklibgnunetgtkpublic2014-04-11 15:25
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Product Version0.10.0 
Summary0003359: GNUnet-GTK uses outdated GTK initialization procedure
DescriptionThis is what i've been told today:
(14-04-01 17:39:12)	 ebassi:	 LRN: also, we're moving towards a model where you create an Application, and the UI is built when you get an activation signal
(14-04-01 17:39:34)	 LRN:	 ebassi, why?
(14-04-01 17:40:08)	 ebassi:	 LRN: because that's how you can implement things like session management, single instance applications, and activation
(14-04-01 17:40:28)	 ebassi:	 LRN: the old "init the libraries, create the window, spin the main loop" does not allow that

Since we're set to migrate from GTK2/GTK3 to GTK3-only, this should be fixed.
Requirements: GTK+ >= 3.4, GLib >= 2.2.8
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