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0003339GNUnettransport servicepublic2014-04-08 16:41
ReporterMatthias WachsAssigned ToMatthias Wachs 
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Product VersionSVN HEAD 
Target Version0.10.1Fixed in Version0.10.1 
Summary0003339: Transport connectivity: Address is not destroyed when CONNECT_SENT fails
DescriptionPeer A has only an IPv4 TCP address
Peer B tries to connect to A with a (previously valid) IPv6 TCP address:

Peer B get the IPv6 address suggested
Peer B obtains a new session
Peer B sends a CONNECT message with this session
CONNECT_MSG cannot be sent!
Peer B destroys the session, but not the address
Address gets suggested again!
-> Vicious circle! No connection!
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Matthias Wachs

2014-03-19 17:38

manager   ~0008149

Implemented with 32696.

Addresses are destroyed in 3 places:
- timeout for CONNECT_SENT in master task
- hard failure on papi->send CONNECT message
- papi send continuation for CONNECT message

-> tested

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