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0003313GNUnetDHT servicepublic2018-06-07 01:14
ReporterBart Polot Assigned To 
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Product VersionGit master 
Summary0003313: DHT GET randomization should increase with time
DescriptionSuccesive GET requests should increase the amount of randomization with succesive requests, in order to try to defeat Sybil attacks capable of eclipsing ALL randomized key from a smaller pool.
Additional InformationIf an attacker is able to eclipse 512 keys, randomizing over 8 bits would not work as all 256 keys are eclipsed. The GETs should start trying with 9 bits (which would also keep failing) and then 10 bits (with 1024 possible targets), which would eventually succeed.
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related to 0003312 confirmed DHT GET should try randomized keys 
child of 0002454 confirmed key randomization via RO_BART is not implemented 


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