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0003243GNUnetotherpublic2019-07-07 21:24
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Summary0003243: 'make check' succeeds despite crashing services
DescriptionSome crashes (e.g. 0003242) occur at the very end of a test case, and do not cause it to fail.

Wouldn't it make sense to have a mechanism that checks for these failures? Otherwise, crashes during service shut down are easily missed.

I don't see a quick fix for this, but I think we should ensure that a test only passes if none of the services crashed.
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Christian Grothoff

2013-12-25 19:16

manager   ~0007946

We could check for generated 'core' files as a last "special" test, which will work on systems where core dumps are enabled. Alternatively, gnunet-service-arm could be modified to check for crashes and create a marker file "core.service" to indicate that 'service' crashed. That'd not cover helpers, but still cover much more than we cover today. A shell script that simply does `ls core.*` and return the inverse status would almost work, except that we have 'core.h' in src/core/. We'd then need to call that test script at the end of all of our 'make check' runs.

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