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0002838GNUnettransport servicepublic2013-12-24 20:55
ReporterChristian Grothoff Assigned ToMatthias Wachs  
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Target Version0.10.0Fixed in Version0.10.0 
Summary0002838: need ability to blacklist a particular plugin for a particular connection between peers in configuration
DescriptionIn 0.8, we could say "no TCP between peer X and Y". Having this ability again,
and in particular having it in the configuration (not "just" via some API) would
be very useful, especially for DV testing as there we can then just enable
TCP+DV and blacklist some TCP connections and still expect testbed to construct a clique -- making the testcase code itself nice & trivial.
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child of 0001795 closedschanzen DV is not implemented 


Christian Grothoff

2013-03-27 10:30

manager   ~0007014

read_blacklist_file () would just need to be changed to use blacklist directly from cfg section instead. -- and maybe documented better...

Matthias Wachs

2013-03-27 17:33

manager   ~0007015

implemented in 26619.

We now support:
Adding a cfg section for a peer containing blacklisted peer + transports

On AG2P... blacklist connections to P565... on tcp:


On AG2P... blacklist connections to P565... on all transports:


Christian Grothoff

2013-03-27 21:00

manager   ~0007016

The new option doesn't seem to work:

I've added the respective options to test_transport_dv_data.conf; however, despite one connection being forbidden in both directions, I still see the peers connect via TCP (gnunet-statistics, after changing if (1) to if (0) in test_transport_api_dv) and no DV seems to be used (still testbed claims to create a clique).

Matthias Wachs

2013-03-28 13:54

manager   ~0007017

2 major fixes in blacklisting in 26633:

- connection was disallowed if any blacklist entry was existing
- plugin specific blacklist entry was added with empty string

Added 6 new testcases in transport testing in/outbound blacklisting on peer and plugin bases

-> working for me

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