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0002562libextractorportabilitypublic2012-10-06 15:29
ReporterronaldtseAssigned ToChristian Grothoff 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDarwinOSOSXOS Version10.8
Product Version1.0.0 
Target Version1.0.1Fixed in Version1.0.1 
Summary0002562: 'extract' command fails due to default plugin path in Darwin
DescriptionCompiling from tarball, after 'make install', the 'extract' command always returns empty results because plugins are not found. This problem did not exist in 0.6.3.

The reason is due to the following Darwin specific code found in extractor_plugpath.c. Suppose I do a 'make install' to a typical prefix of '/usr/local'. The executable 'extract' will be installed at '/usr/local/bin'. In this case, the get_path_from_NSGetExecutablePath function returns '/usr/local/bin/libextractor' instead of '/usr/local/lib/libextractor', so it is unable to find any plugins.

In addition, on Darwin, the '_NSGetExecutablePath' call may return a symbolic link, so if you configured the prefix to something like '/usr/local/X/' and symlink '/usr/local/X/bin/extract' to '/usr/local/bin/extract', the path from 'get_path_from_NSGetExecutablePath' will return the symbolic path '/usr/local/bin/libextractor', which is most probably wrong. A 'realpath' call can resolve this path to the real path.

  if (NULL == prefix)
    prefix = get_path_from_NSGetExecutablePath ();
  if (NULL == prefix)
    prefix = get_path_from_dyld_image ();
Steps To Reproduce./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make && make install
extract -V src/plugins/testdata/png_image.png
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Christian Grothoff

2012-10-06 15:26

manager   ~0006403

Fixed in SVN 24203.

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