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0002473gnunet-gtkgnunet-setuppublic2012-12-21 16:47
ReporterChristian GrothoffAssigned ToChristian Grothoff 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionSVN HEAD 
Target Version0.9.5Fixed in Version0.9.5 
Summary0002473: make it easy to move names between zones
DescriptionWe should make it easy to move entire names (including records) between GNS zones (global, private, shortened).

All it should take is a right-click on the name and then the selection of the target zone in a context menu. Implementing this will be a bit of work, as we need to load the target zone key and do the move (or copy?) operation.
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related to 0002465 closedChristian Grothoff need dedicated dialogs for editing GNS records 


Christian Grothoff

2012-12-03 21:14

manager   ~0006630

The GUI part is now in place, only the logic to set the current zone in the edit dialog, extract the target zone at the end and the part that actually moves the record appropriately are missing...

Christian Grothoff

2012-12-04 10:22

manager   ~0006633

The current zone is now correctly set upon starting of the record edit dialog. Only the moving logic is missing.

Christian Grothoff

2012-12-04 10:57

manager   ~0006636

Implemented in SVN 25216.

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