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Summary0002096: extract user name from file protection records in MS office formats
DescriptionSection 4.19 says something about a user name for write access in Excel documents (see attached file). This would be something useful to extract (as well as the rest of the access permission information).
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Christian Grothoff

2012-01-21 18:28

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Christian Grothoff

2012-01-21 19:34

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Also of interest are the OLE Property sets (in [MS-OSHARED].pdf in the zip file from the page linked above). We might be getting some of those already, couldn't hurt to double-check though. The following subsections (up to are also interesting. PropertySetSystemIdentifier might also give a bit of information (OS).

Christian Grothoff

2012-01-21 19:42

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I wonder if the applicationCIsid in the DocumentSummaryInfoStream (page 146 in the above-mentioned document) is really always all-zeros, or if there is a unique identifier for the Office installation in there. We should check...

This page
would seem to give a way to find the CISID of locally installed apps. Given that bit pattern, we could then just check if a file created on the system contains the pattern at all (this might depend on the specific Office version, maybe only older versions used this?).

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