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0008952Talerwallet (all platforms)public2024-06-18 08:33
Reporterrasos Assigned Tosebasjm  
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Product Version0.11 
Summary0008952: more precise wording what to confirm
DescriptionWhen withdrawing in my wallet, I need to confirm. If I started this on my Laptop, on the app I only see the button "Confirm with / Bestätigen mit". It should say: "Confirm at your bank" - then I would know to go back to my Laptop to click on "Transfer". Else it opens on my mobile device the bank web page where I am not logged in.
Additional InformationThis happens on Android and may be also relevant to other apps.
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2024-06-16 22:33

developer   ~0022632

The message in the blue button should indeed read "Confirm your money transfer at your bank" (respectively in German "Bestätigen Sie Ihre Überweisung bei Ihrer Bank"). "Confirm with bank" is definitely too short and misleading. Please, @marc, @fdold and @sebastian, get back to me with your recommendation whether to expand the button with the longer phrase or to display the phrase as highlighted text outside of a button. You better know how much space the app needs to display it properly on a normal smartphone screen.

Also, I think we need a visualization that really activates the user to switch devices given the case the bug reporter describes. On I found an icon that might symbolize a money transfer using a digital device. It is showing a paper envelope in front of a laptop screen. Does this evoke the user action of forwarding money from an online banking account? If your first impression is positive, this icon could be more useful than the existing bank "temple" icon in the blue button.


2024-06-17 14:47

developer   ~0022642

Instead of "Confirm with bank" I would like to propose as follows:
- Transfer this amount from bank account
- Überweisen Sie diesen Betrag vom Bankkonto

These are simple orders, easy to comprehend even for pidgin-English speakers, where "Transfer" can be both a noun and a verb as well, the amount is shown below the phrase, the action is clear and the source, too ("from bank account"). The preposition can be left out as just one bank account suffices (t.i. not "your" bank account).
The German equivalence is also easy to understand and seems short enough for the restricted screen space.
What do you think?


2024-06-18 06:31

developer   ~0022655

There are two very different actions to be considered, which both are performed successively:
1) the confirmation of the sum of the amount -plus fee- to be withdrawn, in our app (or webEx). For this action, on iOS I use "Confirm Withdrawal", similar to other usecases (e.g. "Confirm Payment").
2) the (two factor) authorization, on the banking website (or in the banking app once Taler-supporting apps exist). On iOS, I used "Confirm with bank" until 0.10, and just recently with 0.11 switched to "Authorize now", accessibilityHint(localized: "Will go to bank website to authorize this withdrawal"). Directly above this button is a hint for the user "The bank is waiting for your authorization."

There is also a second button "Authorize later" further down in the dialog to dismiss it without switching to the bank app or website. The user can later re-visit the tx in the list of pending transactions to start the authorization process, or go to the banking app or website her/himself without using our button.

If we don't use the same word "Confirm" ("Bestätigen") for those two actions, but instead use the more suitable "Authorize" ("Autorisieren") for the second case, there is no need to write full sentences into the button.
However, the title of the dialog is still
    let navTitle = String(localized: "Confirm with Bank")
I am not sure whether to also change that to "Authorize with Bank"...


2024-06-18 07:34

developer   ~0022657

The idea of having a second button "Authorize later" is a good one. Let's keep this in mind.

"Confirm Withdraw" has to be changed anyways because upper-case in "Withdraw" is bad style AND it should read "withdrawal". Withdraw does not exist as a word.

"Authorize now" is too short, alas, because users won't immediately know what to authorize even though the hint "The bank is waiting for your authorization." is informative.

So, my proposition for today to make it clear for the wallet-naive user:
- Authorize amount from bank account
- Betrag überweisen vom Bankkonto

I am assigning this ticket now for Sebastian's appreciated feedback. What is your proposition?


2024-06-18 08:33

developer   ~0022659

I'd rather show the text of the accessibilityHint "Will go to bank website to authorize this withdrawal" (in the same font size as the other hint) below the button, and leave the short, concise button title "Authorize now" as it is.

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