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0008502Talerdeployment and operationspublic2024-04-15 21:33
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Summary0008502: Regional currency tutorial - Improve architecture diagram
DescriptionCreate a completely new architecture diagram and propose its replacement.
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regional-arch.png (84,058 bytes)   
regional-arch.png (84,058 bytes)   



2024-02-26 10:14

administrator   ~0021506

Taler architecture diagram proposal to replace the current graphic on the regional currency tutorial.
architecture-gnutaler-6.png (111,493 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-6.png (111,493 bytes)   

Florian Dold

2024-02-26 19:40

manager   ~0021523

While the new diagram has better styling, I think the big box around the "regional currency" part and "fiat currency" part was important and is missing in the new diagram.

It's also confusing that libeufin-nexus is above the "fiat currency" bar. While it indeed requests/sends fiat currency transactions, it is part of the regional currency deployment.


2024-02-28 13:11

administrator   ~0021546

Please check the new version.
architecture-gnutaler-16.png (134,243 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-16.png (134,243 bytes)   


2024-02-29 10:27

administrator   ~0021576

Fixed alignment issues reported by Christian.

Pending to re-label the steps for nicer and precise ones.

Pending to --decide, whether IF nexus needs to be enclosed by the fiat, or the regional currency region.

Need some additional feedback for possible improvements.

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-03 14:28

manager   ~0021627

As I said, conversion is completely in the wrong place (the blue arrows). 4 and 10 are correct, but that *is* the conversion.

Placement of merchant backend is strange, why not put it further down (y-axis between wallet and exchange) and have the arrow 7 hit it from above, and 8 from below?

Libeufin-nexus could be moved just left of exchange fiat/bank.

Arrows 3 could leave at 9 o'clock and be much shorter, and arrow 11 could then be placed just below arrow 3 (both just horizontal arrows). Then 12 can be centered and not so far into the corner of the merchant bank.

Labels: in English, we do not put space after/before open/closing brackets: "(correct)" vs. "( incorret )".
CAMT and PAIN should be capitalized.
2: "Wire transfer" => "Credit exchange"
4: Probably should just be "cash-in" (no "conversion", that's already below)
9: use "transfer" instead of "Credit shop"
10: Probably should just be "cash-out" (no "conversion", that's already below)
12: "Debit exchange"

Numbers in arrows should be more in the center.


2024-03-04 12:56

administrator   ~0021630

Big thanks for the great feedback.
All changes applied.
Please ask for feedback at the same time to Dold, so we can keep going.
Thank you.
architecture-gnutaler-17.png (126,574 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-17.png (126,574 bytes)   

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-06 23:28

manager   ~0021740

"currency" is sometimes spelled "Currency", should use "currency" consistently.

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-06 23:34

manager   ~0021741

Arrows 5 and 9 should be more centered, right now 5 is perfectly centered, but then 9 is asymmetric to the left.

Arrow 7 does not start directly at customer wallet, should also start at the same height as arrow 1, certainly not higher as it is right now.

Nitpick: could swap arrows 4 and 10 in terms of position, for a more logical top-to-bottom sequence in the layout.

Can probably move the "Regional currency Bank" and "Merchant Fiat bank" higher up (so that the vertical distance between Customer Fiat Bank and Exchange Fiat bank" is the same as the distance between "Exchange Fiat bank" and "Merchant Fiat bank"). After that, also move up the bottom boxes (Regional/Fiat currency) and reduce the overall height of the diagram a bit --- which will also make it fit better on wide screens.

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-06 23:37

manager   ~0021742

Center (or enlarge?) the "TALER" logo above the steps (1-12), right now it is left-aligned. Should either have the same width as the text for the steps below, or be centered above.

White margin on the right of the figure should match the white margin on the left (currently it is bigger on the right).


2024-03-11 11:06

administrator   ~0021836

1) Eventually in order to do further changes, I will have to re-create the graphic from scratch but using the program --layers.
e.g: background, gray boxes, dashed lines, taler-component boxes, arrows and numbers, as the "bring front", "send back" feature
of the program is not enough.

2) In the last version (21.png), I have decided to increase the size of the "regional" and "fiat" currency light green boxes of the bottom, to somehow make them more distinguishable from the rest of the taler-components.
architecture-gnutaler-18.png (124,317 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-18.png (124,317 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-19.png (120,611 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-19.png (120,611 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-20.png (117,197 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-20.png (117,197 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-21.png (117,073 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-21.png (117,073 bytes)   

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-11 12:50

manager   ~0021837

Still not addressed:

"currency" is sometimes spelled "Currency", should use "currency" consistently.

Nitpick: could swap arrows 4 and 10 in terms of position, for a more logical top-to-bottom sequence in the layout.


2024-03-12 09:09

administrator   ~0021848

Changes made.
architecture-gnutaler-22.png (117,525 bytes)   
architecture-gnutaler-22.png (117,525 bytes)   

Christian Grothoff

2024-03-12 11:37

manager   ~0021854

Good enough :-). Please commit the source to docs.git/images/regional-arch.drawio so that we can easily make changes in the future if needed.


2024-03-14 09:06

administrator   ~0021925

Well, thanks for that and for the untiring feedback, you have done a great job. I am grateful you and Florian have supported me with this initiative.
As I said in the past, whenever we have time, it would mandatory to reconstruct the diagram source file by using layers, and
not the "send to back, send to front" workaround, as sometimes when there are so many items overlapping it gets complicated to
put the sequential numbers on top.
Please make sure to make this graphic to arrive to the right place for publication, or ask me to do that.
Thank you.

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