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0008429Talerwallet-corepublic2024-03-07 20:52
ReporterMarcS Assigned ToMarcS  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Versiongit (master) 
Target Version0.9.4Fixed in Version0.9.4 
Summary0008429: getTransactions result doesn't have deposit transactions
Descriptionlatest wallet-core still doesn't report deposit

WalletCore#1 handleResponse(_:) id:0 ["versionInfo": ["bank": "1:0:0", "merchant": "5:0:1", "implementationGitHash": "490ef893e04d0515c3093a5a3e1cf14e707f3ea6", "bankConversionApiRange": "2:0:0", "exchange": "17:0:0", "devMode": false, "bankIntegrationApiRange": "1:0:0", "corebankApiRange": "2:0:0", "version": "3:0:2", "implementationSemver": "0.9.4-dev.14"]]

withdraw 10, deposit 5

WalletCore#1 handleNotification(_:) ["oldTxState": ["major": "pending", "minor": "deposit"], "newTxState": ["minor": "track", "major": "pending"], "transactionId": "txn:deposit:2KT3RT1BTBSHY94SC9WF24N5RJ8WAKW43A2W2X823WZQQC5DFSSG", "type": "transaction-state-transition"]
 WalletCore#1 handleNotification(_:) ["transactionId": "txn:refresh:3V188FZCS3BHFF5XVZSJYMAQR0X516N7FAYHYJ76RP3MK9NRXYE0", "newTxState": ["major": "done"], "type": "transaction-state-transition", "oldTxState": ["major": "pending"]]

 WalletCore#1 sendRequest(request:completionHandler:) {"operation":"getBalances","args":{},"id":30}
 WalletCore#1 handleResponse(_:) id:30 ["balances": [["pendingIncoming": "KUDOS:0", "flags": [], "requiresUserInput": false, "scopeInfo": ["type": "exchange", "url": "", "currency": "KUDOS"], "available": "KUDOS:5", "hasPendingTransactions": false, "pendingOutgoing": "KUDOS:0"]]]
Request "id":30 took 14 ms

should have "pendingOutgoing": "KUDOS:5"

 WalletCore#1 sendRequest(request:completionHandler:) {"operation":"getTransactions","id":31,"args":{"sort":"descending","scopeInfo":{"url":"https:\/\/\/","type":"exchange","currency":"KUDOS"},"currency":"KUDOS"}}
  WalletCore#1 handleResponse(_:) id:31 ["transactions": [["timestamp": ["t_s": 1708060760, "off_us": 844000], "amountRaw": "KUDOS:10", "amountEffective": "KUDOS:10", "txActions": ["delete"], "txState": ["major": "done"], "exchangeBaseUrl": "", "type": "withdrawal", "withdrawalDetails": ["reservePub": "QHA4TS6W7HNX7RBZ8KY6JTMGPY0G1G0KSVVGGR2SAVHYYZATGFQ0", "type": "taler-bank-integration-api", "confirmed": true, "exchangeCreditAccountDetails": [["paytoUri": "payto://iban/DE159593?receiver-name=Sandcastle+Echange+Inc&amount=KUDOS%3A10", "creditRestrictions": [], "status": "ok", "transferAmount": "KUDOS:10"]], "bankConfirmationUrl": "", "reserveIsReady": true], "transactionId": "txn:withdrawal:R1DMBE1G5CQ525VWWWG82Y56RMNCVK7CZX2V836NMT8JSHEN2EB0"]]]
Request "id":31 took 5 ms

should have the pending deposit transaction

after scopeInfo got added to getTransactions, the result doesn't have deposit transactions.
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child of 0008237 closedMarcS The iOS wallet should implement deposit 



2024-02-19 19:32

developer   ~0021379

I can't reproduce or I need more info, do you have an error?

webex get the deposit calling WalletApiOperation.GetTransactions filtered with scopeInfo and sorted "descending"


2024-02-19 19:41

developer   ~0021380

i can see that pendingOutgoing is always zero, so that issue is confirmed.

but the original issue is another, which i can't reproduce. can you add more info if you still can reproduce this?

Florian Dold

2024-02-19 22:51

manager   ~0021381

I should've fixed this yesterday actually.


2024-02-21 22:00

developer   ~0021433

I can confirm that deposit tx now are reported in Balances / pendingOutgoing and in getTransactions

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