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0007679GNUnetcore servicepublic2023-06-02 19:16
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Summary0007679: UK and EU anti-encryption bills are dangerously close to passing

At best, undermine encryption. At worst, they'll transform our devices into telescreens a la 1984 that have state-controlled AI for spying built in. I believe you should at the very least provide your opinion. There appears to be a deafening silence around this...

Come on, folks! We must begin yelling from the rooftops. Do you recall the anti-SOPA movement? Ah, those were the days.
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2023-02-12 07:31

reporter   ~0019805

Please at least put up a banner on your homepage...


2023-02-15 14:24

administrator   ~0019848

this is something for a mailing list. and if a bug, should go into the "www" project.

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