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0007516Talerdeployment and operationspublic2023-01-10 13:10
ReporterMS Assigned ToMS  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Versiongit (master) 
Summary0007516: TypeScript test harness fails at preparing the database.
DescriptionThe following error happens when running the complete suite (command below), marking the test case as failed.
It MAY be needed to run the suite more than once.

Ideally, the harness should handle the problem, or at least mark the test as skipped.

$ taler-wallet-cli testing run-integrationtests
Additional Informationrunning test test-withdrawal-manual in worker process
running test test-withdrawal-manual
2022-12-10T14:17:19.331Z harness.ts INFO running test in directory [
FATAL: test failed with exception Error: Command failed: createdb "taler-integrationtest"
createdb: error: database creation failed: ERROR: database "taler-integrationtest" already exists

    at ChildProcess.exithandler (node:child_process:398:12)
    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:527:28)
    at maybeClose (node:internal/child_process:1092:16)
    at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:302:5) {
  code: 1,
  killed: false,
  signal: null,
  cmd: 'createdb "taler-integrationtest"',
  stdout: '',
  stderr: 'createdb: error: database creation failed: ERROR: database "taler-integrationtest" already exists\n'
2022-12-10T14:17:24.395Z harness.ts INFO shutting down
test test-withdrawal-manual finished in worker
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Florian Dold

2023-01-10 13:10

manager   ~0019623

I've added some code to the harness to write the output of "dropdb" and "createdb" to log files.

Please try again and look at the logs: /tmp/taler-integrationtests-$ID/$TESTNAME/{dropdb,createdb}-stderr.log

This might be a permissions issue on your side.

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