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0007464Talerwallet (iOS App)public2023-01-08 10:22
Reportersebasjm Assigned ToMarcS  
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Target Version0.9.5 
Summary0007464: document minimal hardware and software required
DescriptionFrom email:

Our minimum deployment target is iOS 15 (which runs on iPhone 6S (2015) and later).
Sorry, but our app won’t run on iPhone 6 (2014) because that only runs iOS 12.5.
(All devices which were able to run iOS 13 and 14 also can run iOS 15)

It will be also nice for android, but at least i know where to look for it :)
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2022-11-16 15:36

developer   ~0019425

I have added in the README where the minimum browser required can be found in commit 9ddf3d3e196c66e731ca2e3189c453436de9417a

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