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0007303GNUnetcadet servicepublic2022-08-16 19:43
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSGuix SystemOS Versionv???
Product Version0.16.3 
Summary0007303: CADET service crashes when the client sends data to a 'loopback' channel too early.
Descriptiongnunet-scheme has a bug where it sends messages before waiting for an 'acknowledgement' -- that's a gnunet-scheme bug, not a GNUnet bug, but it also causes CADET to crash:

2022-08-16T18:36:17.163671+0200 cadet-22243 ERROR Assertion failed at gnunet-service-cadet_channel.c:1865. Aborting.
2022-08-16T18:36:17.164194+0200 arm-22109 WARNING Service `cadet' terminated with status signal/6, will restart in 4 ms

I don't think client bugs should cause service crashes, though I would consider disconnect appropriate.
Steps To ReproduceOpen http://localhost:8089/cadet-chat (from gnunet-scheme), enter your own peer identity (from gnunet-peerinfo --self), choose as shared secret something random, _do not follow the gnunet-cadet --open-port=PORT_ instruction, press Connect!.

Or without gnunet-scheme:

Send the `GNUNET_CADET_LocalChannelCreateMessage` message, send the `GNUNET_CADET_LocalData' message, _don't_ wait for a GNUNET_CADET_LocalAck.
Additional InformationCADET code doesn't seem to have changed in this area since 0.16.3, so presumably the bug is also in current GNUnet versions.
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