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0007160Talermerchant frontend (blog)public2022-01-27 19:30
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Summary0007160: confusing, required environment variable SCRIPT_NAME
DescriptionThe environment variable SCRIPT_NAME is not documented anywhere, but still required by the blog (at least until I push my commit to make it optional).

This environment variable should be documented! The name is rather confusing. It probably should be something like APP_ROOT or ROOT_URL.

And to construct paths prefixed by it, we should probably use a helper function instead of using "magic constants" everywhere!
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2022-01-27 19:30

reporter   ~0018672

SCRIPT_NAME is part of WSGI, as documented here:

It is the place where the X-Forwarded-Path header's value can be found by the Web application.

It can't be changed, but as of commit: 99b7904ac1258042be56bed20a80ef0c20711a27, its value gets fetched by a helper function.

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