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0007139GNUnetreclaimpublic2022-02-26 23:18
Reporterbandura Assigned Toschanzen  
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Platform5.14.0-9parrot1-amd64 x86_64OSParrot OS HomeOS VersionRelease 5.0
Product Version0.13.1 
Summary0007139: re: claimID browser plugin shows errors
DescriptionI installed gnunet via my package service (apt on parrot os (debian 11 fork)).
I wanted to try the reclaim plugin. I did this once in Firefox and in Brave (chromium-based), but the plug-in shows the same behavior in both browsers.
When opening the administration page, the plugin shows the following:
Error retrieving references for``ยดยด

Furthermore, it is not possible for me to create attributes for my identity. Nothing just happens. There are also no "standard attributes" displayed.

I created the identity in the command line and not in the plugin.
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2022-01-01 19:55

administrator   ~0018614

0.13.1 is likely too old and the API changed with 0.15.0. I would suggest building your own from source and uninstalling the old version.


2022-01-01 19:56

administrator   ~0018615

Alternatively, there is a gnunet in the Taler debian apt repo:


2022-01-01 20:43

reporter   ~0018616

Unfortunately, the deb repo does not work. It requires a version of libgnutls30 that is only available for Debian Sid / Unstabe. I've now compiled the whole thing myself. I reinstalled the plugin. The error still appears, however.


2022-01-01 20:43

reporter   ~0018617

$gnunet-core -v
gnunet-core v0.15.3 release


2022-01-01 21:00

administrator   ~0018618

Last edited: 2022-01-01 21:01

it may help to see the output of the developer console.
Can you paste the errors in "More Tools"->"Browser Console"?

Even clearer information can be gotten if you checkout,
run "yarn install && yarn start" and try to UI at localhost:4200
There, the output in the browser console show us the code passage that is acting up.

In any case, I just tried everything again and it works for me (in Firefox). So something must be acting up.
Sometimes restarting the browser/clearing the cache may also work.


2022-01-01 21:07

reporter   ~0018619

Mhh, it works again after restarting the PC. Thanks a lot for your help!


2022-01-01 21:08

administrator   ~0018620

Let me know if there are other issues (there probabyl are ;)

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