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0006963Talerwallet (WebExtensions)public2021-08-24 20:39
Reporterbelen Assigned ToFlorian Dold  
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Target Version0.8.5 
Summary0006963: Link to open system's Taler wallet during withdrawal provides no feedback if "automatically open wallet" permission is disabled
DescriptionThe withdrawal page in the demo bank provides a very handy link to open my system's wallet if one exists. This link works like a charm if the permission to automatically open the wallet based on page content is activated. However, when that permission is not activated, clicking that link does nothing. That makes you think the demo is not working.

We should provide some kind of feedback to users so that they are prompted to open the Taler extension.

Steps To Reproduce1. install the web extension, leaving the permission to automatically open the wallet based on page content unselected
2. Go to the demo bank and start a withdrawal
3. In the withdrawal page, click "this link"

Outcome: absolutely nothing happens. No feedback at all is provided to users in response to their action.

Expected outcome: something should prompt users to check the Taler web extension if it is installed.
Additional InformationWe should discuss what's technically feasible here. For instance, I am not sure whether the page can detect if a web extension is installed. If yes, we could simply show a message to users asking them to check the extension.

If not, we could display a generic message on clicking that link when no system wallet is detected.

Found on Firefox Version 90.0 for Ubuntu (21.04)
Commit: 37031700d094d2e281529b937f196b65a0f83f2e
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2021-07-29 16:14

developer   ~0018024

I think we can use this to create the same behavior as clicking this link in mobile
 * safari did not implement this behavior
 * we need to add a web+ before our taler scheme: changing taler+http to web+taler+http (which I think this is a valid change for mobile apps that will use this)


2021-08-02 10:04

developer   ~0018049

What would users see? A notification like the one shown in the documentation ( with an action for users to run the Taler action?

If that's the case, this seems a good solution. Since the Taler extension doesn't run in Safari, I don't think that browser not supporting the behaviour is a big deal.

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