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0006877GNUnetbuild processpublic2023-06-02 19:16
ReporterBrendan Assigned Toschanzen  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product VersionGit master 
Summary0006877: Consider allowing shallow fetches from git repos.
DescriptionWhen fetching a commit behind HEAD from gnunet/taler repos, git has to do a full fetch instead which takes a long time.
It is convenient for packaging from a commit that it can do a shallow fetch to save time, but not essential.
Additional Informationguile: warning: failed to install locale
environment variable `PATH' set to `/gnu/store/378zjf2kgajcfd7mfr98jn5xyc5wa3qv-gzip-1.10/bin:/gnu/store/sf3rbvb6iqcphgm1afbplcs72hsywg25-tar-1.32/bin'
hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
hint: git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
hint: git branch -m <name>
Initialized empty Git repository in /gnu/store/18pi1dbri5p3w8fpm3qs65p5pm6nxhcz-gnunet-0.14.1-c2cd7ec/.git/
error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object c2cd7ec031ff925294b5c4c0c992fe9014846430
Failed to do a shallow fetch; retrying a full fetch...
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2021-05-18 09:54

administrator   ~0017873

Can you elaborate why you need this? We usually tag our releases so you can pull the tags and dev branches as well as master(0000004:0000001)


2021-05-18 14:35

reporter   ~0017875

Sometimes we build from other commits when the release is broken and bugs are fixed later like is the case now. It's not a big deal, you can always reject this if its somehow troublesome to do. In guix we have roughly 1100 packages who's source refers to some arbitrary commit for various reasons rather than the release tarball or tag.


2021-05-18 19:00

administrator   ~0017877

I think our policy for packagers is that they can get their own account and work in a branch for packaging. There you may then create tags (e.g. 0.14.1guix{0,1,2...}) which include fixes to your build system as well in order to create your own release versions.
At least, that is how it will be for debian.


2023-01-09 10:13

administrator   ~0019618

I did not find an option to do that for our infra.

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