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0006740Talerdocumentationpublic2021-02-12 14:00
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Summary0006740: missing fields in coin configuration
Descriptionsecion 2.3.7. Coins, describe 7 fields to be added into the `coin_` section for any section except for fee_refund and duration_legal.

Im moving from version 0.8.1 and trying master (revision 4b1e77fc) and reading de documentation I expect these fields not to be needed anymore. But running exchange I get

ERROR Configuration specifies invalid value for option `FEE_REFUND' in section `Need amount for option `%s' in section `%s'
ERROR Configuration fails to specify option `DURATION_LEGAL' in section `coin_xxx_1_0'!

The documentation need to be update or the validation to be removed?
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2021-02-05 10:49

developer   ~0017503

Hi Sebastian, the assumption is right that the documentation is outdated in respect to DURATION_LEGAL and FEE_REFUND.

Please also look up under sub chapter 3.11.2. 'Benchmark setup' to set appropriate values for the said variables, e.g.
duration_withdraw = 7 days
duration_spend = 2 years
duration_legal = 3 years

If that solves the problem, section 2.3.7 'Coins (denomination keys)' has to be updated. Feel free to ask when running into obstacles.


2021-02-12 14:00

developer   ~0017524

see commit 9e2c693d92cb8ea9dbf397a8d423c470ca97fc71

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