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0006718libeufinnexuspublic2021-03-22 19:02
ReporterFlorian Dold Assigned ToMS  
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Summary0006718: make sure all "obvious" CRUD operation exist and have tests
DescriptionWe need to make sure that all resources have all reasonable "CRUD" (CReate, Update, Delete) supported, and that these operations are tested.

(And also what happens with dependencies. I.e., we might require that a bank account can't be deleted when there's a facade using it.)
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2021-01-30 14:09

manager   ~0017461

This got addressed to some extent, but can't claim now that ALL the operations are thoroughly covered.


2021-02-26 09:38

manager   ~0017565

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The following list should help define which resources are now held in LibEuFin.

- user account
- bank connection
- facade
- bank account
- Ebics subscriber
- scheduled tasks
- permission settings
- initiated payments

- bank account
- Ebics subscriber
- Ebics host


2021-03-22 19:02

manager   ~0017631

After internal discussion, this bug will be solved just after every API endpoint will be covered by a test.

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