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0006427libeufinsandboxpublic2023-01-08 10:36
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Target Version0.9.3 
Summary0006427: EBICS errors need XML
DescriptionIn some (all?) error cases related to EBICS, the sandbox responds with plain text.
Instead it should respond with the XML document that complies to the EBICS specifications.
Additional InformationMoving to 0.2 because it became a testing problem.
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2020-07-23 13:42

manager   ~0016507

Last edited: 2020-07-23 13:44

Mostly addressed here: c716d23073be8846d0765fa766de341dbc953a88


2020-07-23 13:48

manager   ~0016508

The EbicsError global catcher needs a private key to be included in the exception object,
and if that's not found, it responds with JSON (and status 500). (The private key is needed
to sign the response object.)

The current problem is that not in all the parts of the code such private key is included in
the exception object, resulting still in JSON+500 being returned.


2020-07-23 17:13

manager   ~0016509

After private discussion, the private key will be moved away from the exception object. But at the same time, the exception handler
must be moved in a place where it is easier to get more context (including the private key) from the current request.


2020-07-29 15:41

manager   ~0016531

Fixed, but this test now fails: integration-tests/


2021-03-25 10:42

manager   ~0017647

The test mentioned in the last comment was long ago removed, and in general, corner cases will 'all' have to be implemented in the new TypeScript harness. IMO, this can be closed.

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