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0006233GNUnetotherpublic2021-02-28 13:37
Reportertanguy Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Platformx86_64OSGuix SystemOS Version186f99f
Product Version0.12.2 
Summary0006233: gnunet-bugreport not working as expected on Guix System
DescriptionHi Gnunet!

As I mentioned in 0006114, gnunet-bugreport does not work as expected on my system! See additional information below.
Obviously, none of the package managers used (dpkg, rpm, pkg_info) are available on Guix System.
More surprisingly dependency detection using "type + awk" does not work. Could this be because `sh` isn't actually `sh` on Guix System?!

/bin/sh --version
GNU bash, version 5.0.7(1)-release (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)

Steps To Reproduce1- Install Guix System
2- Check out gnunet sources from git
3- Run `./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport`
Additional Information    INFO: gnunet-bugreport 0.11.0
    INFO: Please submit the following
    INFO: information with your bug report:
    INFO: OS : Linux
    INFO: OS RELEASE : 5.4.35-gnu
    INFO: HARDWARE : x86_64
    INFO: awk : Found
    INFO: gcc : gcc (GCC) 7.4.0
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 88: type: cc: not found
    INFO: cc :
    INFO: c++ : c++ (GCC) 7.4.0
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 108: type: clang: not found
    INFO: clang :
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 122: type: clang++: not found
    INFO: clang++ :
    WARNING: make : Not Found (unexpected result)
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 136: type: gmake: not found
    INFO: gmake :
    INFO: autoconf : 2.69
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 186: type: automake: not found
    INFO: automake :
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 198: type: libtoolize: not found
    INFO: libtool :
    INFO: libextractor : 1.9
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 224: type: gnunetd: not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 226: gnunetd: command not found
    INFO: GNUnet 0.8 : Not Found (good)
    INFO: GNUnet : 0.12.2
    INFO: git commit : 80b88d6a6871ed8dcb24bcc8babdde3a17aad679
    INFO: libgcrypt : 1.8.5
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 271: type: mysql_config: not found
    INFO: mysql :
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 282: type: pkgconf: not found
    INFO: pkg-config : 0.29.2
    INFO: glib2 : 2.60.6
    INFO: GTK2 : Not found
    INFO: GTK3 : Not found
    INFO: GTK4 :
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 347: type: dpkg: not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 349: dpkg: command not found
    ERROR: GMP : dpkg: libgmp-dev not installed
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 377: type: dpkg: not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 379: dpkg: command not found
    ERROR: libunistring : dpkg: libunistring3-dev not installed
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 407: type: gettext: not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 412: gettext: command not found
    INFO: GNU gettext :
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 420: type: getext: not found
    INFO: gettext : Found
    INFO: libcurl : 7.66.0
    INFO: libgnurl : 7.69.1
    INFO: libmicrohttpd : 97000
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 490: type: cc: not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 491: cc: command not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 492: ./bugreport-glpk_check.c.bin: No such file or directory
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 515: type: cc: not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 516: cc: command not found
./contrib/scripts/gnunet-bugreport: line 517: ./bugreport-gnutls_check.c.bin: No such file or directory
    INFO: GnuTLS :
    INFO: Bug report saved in ./my_gnunet_bugreport.log
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2020-05-05 09:48

developer   ~0015854

Okay the summary (slow internet here) is that it's not broken, it's indented behavior which could be made more pretty to read. You found one typo though. I will fix this. Thanks for reporting.


2020-05-05 09:52

developer   ~0015855

@tanguy: Follow-up question: do you have automake available in your profile? If so, where on your $PATH?
wrt your question about awk and sh, no the sh implementation in Bash should be okay and gnu awk should be fine as well.


2020-05-07 08:09

reporter   ~0015866

Hi nikita!

No, automake is not available in the environment set up by the `guix environment gnunet` command.
But it does not prevent gnunet from building, apparently.


2020-05-07 10:31

developer   ~0015869

Okay, that checks out fine. So it's just a typo and making error messages more clear (better filtering, which wasn't done for most of the things - ideally this could be an external application but in-tree and in common available tools is better right now)


2020-05-23 17:10

developer   ~0015949

Last edited: 2020-05-23 17:22

Update: A while ago I've started working on replacing gnunet-bugreport entirely with something with less maintenance costs and less confusing behavior for users.
I don't really want to vendor this code, so gnunet-bugreport will be dropped once I'm done with my application and I will add a configuration file for it to be used. Instructions for reporting bugs will be updated.

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