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0006222Talerdeployment and operationspublic2020-07-23 21:48
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Summary0006222: Verify doxygen comments in CI
DescriptionA buildslave should be setup to run 'doxygen' on the exchange.git, merchant.git and taler-mdb.git (whenever they change) to collect Doxygen warnings. A select few (graph too big) can be ignored, in all other cases the buildmaster should send an e-mail to the last committer with the warnings (or a link to the CI job output with the warnings).

A new buildslave account (with SSH access for Buck) should be created by for this once you (Buck) are ready to take this on.
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Christian Grothoff

2020-06-19 12:50

manager   ~0016324

1) There is (right now) not a dedicated buildslave for exchange/merchant/taler-mdb, and there will never be one for taler-mdb.

2) The 'verification' feature is again simply to check for warnings that doxygen outputs. Same as with Sphinx. Using doxygen: nothing to it, just to exchange.git/doc/doxygen/ and run 'make fast' (after apt install doxygen).

3) The idea was to setup one buildslave (process, user-ID), but have multiple factories and different triggers -- no need to re-build exchange's doxygen if only taler-mdb changed. was created.


2020-06-26 11:33

reporter   ~0016371

Note: this is on hold until logs and other BB questions are answered for sphinx and can be used here too.

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