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0006011GNUnetUNIX transportpublic2020-02-18 17:15
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Summary0006011: [TNG] UNIX communicator performance issues
DescriptionA trained eye might notice the absolutely unacceptable, abysmal performance of this
communicator considering it is using UDS (we should expect ~XGB/s!).
As it is not meant to be used productively (and can't really) this is not a blocker, but
still something worth investigating. I do not know if this was also the case for the old
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2019-12-26 06:20

manager   ~0015222

This is also an issue for the TCP communicator. Maybe this is a general issue with MQ or TNG api.


2019-12-26 20:54

manager   ~0015223

We now also have a UDP communicator which does no flow control (additional messages with (mock)transport).
It is now likely clear that something is wrong with the MQ (in general?).


2020-02-11 17:51

manager   ~0015347

For reference, current numbers:

* Size packet test done.
* 12798/12798 packets -- avg latency: 3148434 us
* Short size packet test done.
* 5000/5000 packets in 838528 us (745 KiB/s) -- avg latency: 409401 us
* Long size packet test done.
* 5000/5000 packets in 1717230 us (88 MiB/s) -- avg latency: 1034307 us


2020-02-18 17:13

manager   ~0015377

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In HEAD performance is now increased drastically (but still not optimal).

Unix: Short ~5MB/s Long: ~300MB/s
TCP: Short ~4MB/s Long: ~200MB/s

UDP is currently not functional. The packet send logic is very inefficient and the test always fails.


2020-02-18 17:15

manager   ~0015378

Note that the issue might actually be test design and lack of FC and not so much the communicator itself.

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