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0005835gnunet-wwwGeneralpublic2021-09-08 21:50
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Summary0005835: Modify install guide on
Description- Installtions for single user mode is supposed to be used by developers to test
- Multi user mode installation should be describe in two fashions
  - Use packages and package installer
  - Use install scripts

We need to create an install script (hopefully for many distributions).
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2019-09-10 19:15

developer   ~0014881

can we describe how we ideally want the multi-user setup as well? I'm still struggling with the rc.d script for gnunet, even more so when I follow our best practices wrt multi user mode packaging.


2019-09-12 14:58

reporter   ~0014891

Hey ng0, what do you mean exactly? What is your pain point?

With this issue I want to have hints in our installation guides to show people depending on their goal what installation process fits best. Related tasks are therefor packing and install-scripts for non-developers.

Christian Grotthoff gave some of the packagers in the GNUnet team the following requirement list, maybe this helps you.

* multi-user setup (unless not supportable by platform) with:
  - gnunet user/group
  - gnunetdns group
  - SUID helpers
  - /etc/gnunet.conf setup for launching system-wide services
  - integration with init system (systemd, upstart, whatever)
    to launch system-wide GNUnet peer on startup
* per-user configuration:
  - setup ($HOME/.config/gnunet.conf) to
    launch per-user GNUnet services installed in all
    normal user $HOME directories (unless already present!)
    and in /etc/skel/ for new users to be created after
    package installation
  - per-user launch of GNUnet services on graphical login
    (i.e. as systemd user service, or via /etc/X11/Xsession.d/)
    including launch of gnunet-gns-proxy (per user!); ideally
    port should vary by user, i.e. using 8000+UID for TCP port
  - configuration of Firefox, Chrome/Chromium to accept
    CA of gnunet-gns-proxy
  - modification of Firefox/Chrome/Chromium proxy settings
    to enable gnunet-gns-proxy (possibly with interactive question,
    asking which users to modify settings for)
    => for this, writing a NEW shell-script that performs the
       proxy setting should be written first (maybe as
       an extension of the existing script to generate and
       enable the CA?)


2019-09-13 02:15

developer   ~0014896

Last edited: 2019-09-13 02:18

what you list in multi-user setup are the basics which I have understood so far, on the surface.;a=blob;f=gnunet/files/;h=d9e6ac52f3e04bf8d703cd9eea01db43124606c5;hb=HEAD
coupled with;a=blob;f=gnunet/files/gnunet.conf;h=3ded6eb4b31470567dc0e493c1a6f6c2ba416894;hb=HEAD
and the corresponding package files is what I have right now, setuids and more here:;a=blob;f=gnunet/Makefile;h=4eff3fdaf7dd698c4d9d15e968306cf0862f3f3c;hb=HEAD#l31

This was mostly gathered from the gentoo init script and

in this chrooted form as it should be, it does not work (permission issues, etc, filed somewhere in an open bug here).

The pain point is not the lack of examples, but knowing if this works, how some of the steps are supposed to look like, what the outcome should look like etc.
Stepping through a multi-user setup on the init system side with pseudo init script code or literal descriptions would be really helpful.

Our systemd example is not a good example because systemd hides what gentoo or rc.d don't hide that much in expression.

edit: reading through this again, a lack of good examples is what is confusing.

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