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0005823GNUnetcadet servicepublic2019-11-04 23:05
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Summary0005823: CADET message drop API for testing
Description The CADET monitoring API should be able to tell CADET to drop the next message of some type send from node A to node B.
Additional InformationThis shall help to write test cases for bug 0005822.
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2019-08-08 21:44

developer   ~0014779

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How can I prevent misuse in a GNUnet multi user scenario. Can I check for the user who is using the cadet api?


2019-09-11 16:17

manager   ~0014886

The service API is protected because the UNIX socket is only accessible to the user that started the service. So you do not need to worry about that.
If the service is listening on a TCP socket, you can't have it. Any user is a valid user because he has access to the system.

But that does not address the original issue right? I am unsure what exactly you are proposing and what you need it for.

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