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Summary0005368: HOWTO: SMTP mail federation over GNUnet
DescriptionIn the discussion re 0004625 you suggested that the existing GNS
functionality is enough to fully implement a store-and-forward
mail system on SMTP basis. I think we should start sending and
receiving email over gnunet and host secret mailing lists in it.
Steps To ReproducePlease provide us with a demo script that would set up gnunet
nodes in such a way that they can exchange mail with other nodes
set up in the same way, just by addressing
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2018-06-27 17:01

developer   ~0013090

Why would we want SMTP federation over GNUnet?

SMTP is *not* the smartest way to do mail in the next generation
internet: I would prefer secushare or pEp/gnunet if any of those
were available. Until they are, smtp/gnunet is less bad:

SMTP over GNUnet is more secure than SMTP+TLS, because X.509 is
unreliable and MITM-prone. SMTP over Tor is a reasonable alter-
native unless the Tor network is under attack. It is non-obvious
which of the two networks, Tor or GNUnet, provides better metadata
protection. Please read in that
regard. Therefore SMTP over GNUnet is a welcome alternative to

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