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Summary0005166: Change/Fix the build system for Windows
DescriptionRight now, at least according to documentation, the builds for Windows rely on
Editions of Enterprise to Server and the features within them (NAT, etc).
For example (old preview manual:

The way the builds are done isn't particular nice (mingw32 etc). I know in an ideal world everyone would be able to just build on our favorite GNU Userland or be able to use cross-distro package managers such as Guix (hey, some people are experimenting with the idea of Guix on Windows). But we aren't in this ideal world.
So without knowing anything beyond the documentation (not the code) about our Windows builds, is it technically possible for our build- and dependency chain to make the build produce a result users of MS Windows can use native on their systems?

I know next to nothing about building on MS platforms, but I'm curious and improving the situation would be nice if it is possible. The obvious target should be Windows 10 these days (no matter what we think about its antiprivacy features etc).
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2017-10-30 16:39

developer   ~0012528

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In particular this should lead to "providing official Windows binaries" if a solution can be found or improved.

Guix can (cross-)build for mingw32 and produce a guix pack, but this is just a preference I would investigate, anything which gets the job done and improves the "build it yourself AND you have to have an enterprise or server edition" is acceptable.

Christian Grothoff

2018-06-07 23:30

manager   ~0013025

AFAIK there is the upcoming "Linux subsystem for W32" which should make it possible to use the standard GNU process to build on W32. Also, in the absence of a W32-affine hacker, I think we should just for now mothball the W32 port and focus on all of the important bugs for the important platforms ;-).


2018-06-08 06:39

developer   ~0013030

As per our more recent discussion, where I'll commit (hopefully) tomorrow the code for, about the support of OS' from our side - I agree.

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