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0005085libmicrohttpddocumentationpublic2017-06-18 10:45
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Summary0005085: tutorial should cover MHD_response_create_from_callback()
DescriptionAlex R. wrote:

I have some request handler code that sends the contents of a regular file to the client. However, the issue is that my program must first write a regular file to the file system, and this is time consuming for very large files. My program (and the client) must wait for the entire file to be generated, before my program can go back and read the file to send any data to the client.

As an addition to the excellent tutorials already available, I'd like to ask if there could be a tutorial written that demonstrates how to process a single request for data in chunks, where the source of the data is not a regular file, but a heap-allocated buffer of some size, which is repeatedly filled to some content length (up to or smaller than its size) and sent to the client in asynchronous fashion, until all data are processed.
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