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0004604secusharesocialpublic2019-02-12 09:13
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Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Summary0004604: double free or corruption in social_api:984
DescriptionWhen trying to make a --guest-talk to a remote host, gnunet-social crashed in social_api:984 when executing "GNUNET_free (gconn);".

I commented the line, then the command runs and terminates safely. The question is, is it okay to just remove that free() call, or have I created a memleak? Or is the same code a few lines above, which does not have that free() call, the correct code which should have been in place for gconn as well?
Additional InformationStarting program: /usr/depot/bin/gnunet-social --guest-talk -m _notice_testing_psycit -d hey\ ho -e MEZMQ105P0RTKC8AJ8GX9C077KR81CDV5CZ7CFZK4T62RRFVB9NG -p W2NT69FMX5DVFYFY60WFQYN1FM25DY3Z7MKQX863F91X1T0CGXK0 -i TVV54YYR29KRDKM30ZC3014JXHDGPVT7KFQGA44CEV2YQSEVFDAG

Jul 30 15:43:06-846888 gnunet-social-6028 WARNING Ego: MEZMQ105P0RTKC8AJ8GX9C077KR81CDV5CZ7CFZK4T62RRFVB9NG gnunet
Jul 30 15:43:06-851996 gnunet-social-6028 WARNING Ego: J9TMSD0AS23HJ35B3MZ0P2582C3NEXFJFBP6XDA4ANV3YNKY3G3G MEZMQ105P0RTKC8AJ8GX9C077KR81CDV5CZ7CFZK4T62RRFVB9NG
Jul 30 15:43:06-853326 gnunet-social-6028 WARNING Guest: 7G93EVVNW4P4FC6GGAWM21M3G80HB2W4QMFWV5C8938DQSRNMZ70
Jul 30 15:43:06-854687 gnunet-social-6028 WARNING Guest: G7S7GM12WXCX5AC960RYYJM6TRP5J13J0E2FG06XB9GKYVQ1RZKG
Jul 30 15:43:06-856042 gnunet-social-6028 WARNING Host: BRFADAF6ZMV5HG31F98ZP8PA93QZZTXTN533CNVV6Q510MEHCY00
Jul 30 15:43:06-857285 gnunet-social-6028 WARNING Guest: W2NT69FMX5DVFYFY60WFQYN1FM25DY3Z7MKQX863F91X1T0CGXK0
*** Error in `/usr/depot/bin/gnunet-social': double free or corruption (!prev): 0x8000caf0 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0xb7fdefb2 in ?? () from /lib/
(gdb) bt
#0 0xb7fdefb2 in ?? () from /lib/
#1 0xb7aed237 in raise () from /lib/
#2 0xb7aee926 in abort () from /lib/
#3 0xb7b2a352 in ?? () from /lib/
#4 0xb7b304ea in ?? () from /lib/
#5 0xb7b31162 in ?? () from /lib/
#6 0xb7f3a9cc in GNUNET_xfree_ (ptr=0x8000caf0, filename=0xb7fd782b "social_api.c", linenumber=984) at common_allocation.c:256
#7 0xb7fd3366 in app_recv_place (cls=0x0, client=0x8001c270, msg=0xbffff240) at social_api.c:984
#8 0xb7f3868d in recv_message (cls=0x8001c270, msg=0xbffff240) at client_manager.c:221
#9 0xb7f3543e in receive_task (cls=0x8000b968) at client.c:654
#10 0xb7f74c57 in run_ready (ws=0x8000b0d8, rs=0x8000b050) at scheduler.c:620
#11 GNUNET_SCHEDULER_run (task=0xb7f6e4c0 <program_main>, task_cls=0xbffff3ec) at scheduler.c:887
#12 0xb7f6ed17 in GNUNET_PROGRAM_run2 (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>,
    binaryName=0x80004efc "gnunet-social - Interact with the social service: enter/leave, send/receive messages, access history
and state.\n",
    binaryHelp=0x80004f70 "gnunet-social [--status]\n\ngnunet-social --host-enter --ego <NAME or PUBKEY> [--follow] [--welcome | --deny]\ngnunet-social --host-reconnect --place <PUBKEY> [--follow] [--welcome | --deny]\ngnunet-socia"...,
    options=0x80008b40 <options>, task=0x800033b0 <run>, task_cls=0x0, run_without_scheduler=0) at program.c:300
#13 0xb7f6f01e in GNUNET_PROGRAM_run (argc=12, argv=0x8000a658,
    binaryName=0x80004efc "gnunet-social - Interact with the social service: enter/leave, send/receive messages, access history
and state.\n",
    binaryHelp=0x80004f70 "gnunet-social [--status]\n\ngnunet-social --host-enter --ego <NAME or PUBKEY> [--follow] [--welcome | --deny]\ngnunet-social --host-reconnect --place <PUBKEY> [--follow] [--welcome | --deny]\ngnunet-socia"...,
    options=0x80008b40 <options>, task=0x800033b0 <run>, task_cls=0x0) at program.c:339
#14 0x80001a7a in main (argc=12, argv=0xbffff5f4) at gnunet-social.c:1359
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