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Summary0003884: gnunet-setup should help you use it right
Description says:

"If you want to configure your peer later, you need to stop it before invoking the gnunet-setup tool to customize further and to test your configuration (gnunet-setup has build-in test functions)."

Currently my user expectation would be that gnunet-setup affects the running gnunet node in real-time since it doesn't say otherwise.

Would therefore be useful if gnunet-setup was able to figure out that a gnunet instance is already running and warn the user it will not be doing a useful job.
Or maybe it merely needs "Save" or "Save & Restart" buttons?

(I chose "major" because these kind of UX problems deter users…)
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Christian Grothoff

2015-07-09 17:25

manager   ~0009407

Ideally, gnunet-setup should probably interact with a running gnunet-service-arm, ask it to stop the peer and re-start when it is done.

I could even imagine gnunet-setup sending the 'new' config to gnunet-service-arm via IPC so that gnunet-setup can run as the "normal" user and gnunet-service-arm would then write the updated system-wide config to file (assuming the user has the right permissions for that...).

So yes, we can do way better here.

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