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0003066GNUnetfile-sharing servicepublic2014-01-30 16:33
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Summary0003066: fs indexing is rather personalized, so FS should enable per-user indexing
DescriptionRight now, the names of the files indexed by one user (for a system-wide GNUnet installation) are leaked to other users (who can just request a list of indexed files). Also, FS-service (which presumably runs system-wide) wants to access the user's indexed files, which means they need to be world-readable, again possibly exposing sensitive information to other users on the same PC.

With 0003064 having been implemented, we can envision an "index" service that runs per-user to provide the FS service with access to indexed files. When encountering an 'on-demand' block, FS would (somehow, ideally without asking them all) request the file data from the indexing service, instead of going for it directly; we'd also trivially get rid of the (undesirable) information sharing between users on the same system.
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related to 0003065 closedChristian Grothoff namestore should be split into a personal (per-user) plaintext store and a system-wide cache 


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